Welding robots

We use high precision robotic automatic arms and welding machines in most welding processes. Every weld is our best performance.

Are you already worried about whether the welds on your boats are made by an apprentice pro or beginner? With Morningstar Boats, you will not have to worry anymore.
By combining our unique forming technologies that produce complex surfaces with high precision laser cutting machines, we feed the robotic arms with exactly the same parts. These automatic robotic arms follow preprogrammed trajectories and guide welding torches to exact positions. The welding machines themselves have myriads of variables, some are set to predetermined optimum values while others self-adjust to produce optimal results.
These changes in speed, current, voltage, and other variables are dynamic. They occur during the welding process at a steady pace of stability and accuracy humanly impossible to systematically treat as our welding robots.
The end effect is that we are able to constantly reproduce identical welds, eliminating human errors as much as possible from the equation.
In addition, during product development and quality control steps, we regularly test our products with destructive and non-destructive testing. Using methods such as X-ray, ultrasound and anti-wind inspections, our TCWI certified welding inspectors have the know-how to identify and rectify defects, providing you with high quality guaranteed welding results.