We are looking for a boat with superior sea keeping qualities: an easy lift-off, turns gentle and precise and the ability to stay on track. The geometrical limitations of the conventional V-shaped bottom make it difficult for aluminum boats that are normal to have all of these properties at the same time. Thanks to our Hydro Hull forming technology, Morningstar aluminum Boats can have it all by incorporating designs that were previously exclusive to the modern boats in fiberglass.

These include the bilges to reverse arc, twin sheerstrakes, and a true variable deadrise spread over his bottom plate in one piece. This gives Morningstar Boats the possibility of planner easily, stay on track and offer you a smooth browsing experience and accurate.

Planning easy and stable
When you push the throttle, the outboard engine drives the boat forward, while water gives the boat a force lifting for planner on the water. Tilt backward bilges and the sheerstrakes on the bottom plate of the Morningstar help keep more strength to lift and allow the boat to glide faster and increase stability of cruise.

Superior traction
The bow like a Cleaver allows Morningstar Boats to briefly cut off the waves, and create deep V near the keel in the water a stable track. When you browse, especially at high speed, the last thing you want, it of your boat slip on the side and don't fire as expected. Reverse chines and the sheerstrakes on the bottom plate Morningstar act as rolling strips of tires on the wheels of your car. These help keep the boat very stable.

Cape Town dry, precise changes .

You will be impressed by the way turns sweet and dry work on boats Morningstar. The bow and the deep V give a smooth entry. The flattened V, the sheerstrakes and the reverse chines act like brakes that slow down gradually the boat and prepare for another stimulus. At the same time, water is diverted from the boat at a very low angle, giving you a very nice and surprising steering while remaining dry.