La Garantie

The Morningstar Boat Warranty in France

Article 1
   On delivery of the boat, the parties sign the delivery certificate delivered by SKYBOATS SAS for this purpose, which is the agreement of conformity on the part of the buyer-user.
   The receipt of the boat by the buyer-user made without reserve, is acceptance of the apparent condition of the boat in application of the provisions of Article 1642 of the Civil Code.
   The guarantee can only be claimed subject to:
- the return to the after-sales service of SKYBOATS SAS of the part of the certificate of delivery and the guarantee voucher, coming back to him,
- the completion of the controls and revisions prescribed by SKYBOATS SAS, it being specified that any costs such as handling, transport, parking, conveyance, incurred for the performance of these operations remain the sole responsibility of the buyer -user.
   Article 2
    The structure of the hull, the deck and the connection between these elements is guaranteed, against all manufacturing defects recognized by the SKYBOATS SAS technical services, for a period of FIVE years from the date of delivery of the boat to the first buyer -user, and is strictly limited, at the option of the manufacturer, replacement or free repair of all parts recognized as defective by the technical services of the latter, and without compensation of any kind.
   For bodies and accessories that clearly bear the mark of another supplier, the guarantee is limited to the guarantee offered by this supplier (motor, accessories, etc.)
   Article 3
   However, any event affecting the structure and not resulting from a defect of guaranteed manufacture, which would have given rise or not repairing the hull or deck, implies cancellation without prejudice and without delay of this guarantee.
   The period begins to run from the first commissioning of the boat and at the latest of the last day of the year of its vintage, ie 31 December of that year.
   This warranty is strictly limited to the free repair of manufacturing defects in our factories or by a workshop or site authorized by us and without compensation of any kind.
Article 4
   In particular, the guarantee specified in Articles 1 and 2 above is excluded:
(a) the costs of transporting the vessel and any other part and any costs and / or damage resulting from the impossibility of using the vessel and / or the equipment, which are borne by the buyer,
(b) the damage or damage listed below and their consequences:
- normal wear,
- fading of the paint
(c) the resulting damage:
- transformations and modifications, or even partial repairs carried out outside the workshops that we have authorized,
- failure to observe the maintenance recommendations specified in the booklet delivered with the boat, or rules of the art,
- misuse, including negligent, imprudent, abusive or abnormal use, - participation in competitions,
- negligence with regard to the taking of necessary protective measures,
- an accident or disaster such as explosion, fire, flood, storm, lightning, transport, riot, theft, collision,
- unsuitable storage or transport conditions.
- Non-renewal of the anode.
   Article 5
   The use of the guarantee extends the warranty period for a period equal to that required for the performance of the work carried out under warranty, provided however that such work inevitably requires immobilization of the boat for at least 7 consecutive days.
   Article 6
   To benefit from the guarantee defined above, the purchaser-user must present duly completed the certificate of delivery of the boat being guaranteed each time he asks to benefit from it and, on pain of foreclosure, notify in writing to his concessionaire- seller, the defect or the defect, in a precise and motivated manner within a period of 15 days from its discovery.
   The dealer-seller must inform the manufacturer within 8 days of receipt of the claim of the buyer-user, under penalty of having to bear the consequences of his delay.
   Article 7
   The dealers, agents or resellers of SKYBOATS SAS do not have the right to modify the guarantee above but may, for their own account and under their sole responsibility, grant any additional guarantees that can not in any way bind SKYBOATS SAS.
   Contact your dealer who will give you the best advice and spare parts or materials for repairs that you can do yourself.
   It is preferable that major repairs on the hull or on the engine are made by professionals. Your salesman is able to do these repairs or to mandate competent people to do them.

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