M 498 has Angler

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M 498 has Angler

M520 Fisher

M 498 has Angler

La gamme de 4.98 et 5.20 mètres:

100% aluminum

Boats built to last

A Morningstar in 11 points

-1 security: series a Morningstar has a bridge self-emptying, an automatic bilge pump, a wedge and a freeboard garnished rolls of waterproof and rotproof EVA foam cut to measure, an Origrid patented frame that makes the ultra-rigid hull, a bipolar switch, a bow of 7mm thick...

2 - quality of materials: we manufacture our Morningstar boats only with 5083 aluminium plate, the top marine, more expensive aluminium but 50% stronger than aluminum 5052 commonly used in this field.

-3 single: we are the only ones to produce the hull of one piece, seamless, using a giant hydraulic press of 1300 tons. Ditto for the freeboards, which are then assembled by welding by robot-welders = a perfect and constant quality.

-4 strength: the bow is coupled with a protective boot to achieve a total thickness of 7 mm, real shield to fail without fear on the beaches and no longer tremble at every shock with a ' UFO '. Note a draught of only 20cm...

5 - lightness: with 400 kg, ease of launch, exit to easy trailer, easy manoeuvres because little wanders, one surprising responsiveness and almost immediate lift-off...

6 - economic: our manufacturing process enabled us to minimize the cost of our boats, and thus offer you a price substantially the same as a good polyester shell, but by being 100% aluminum...

-7 economic: our alu hull is drawing and shape similar to a shell polyester but weighs 400 kg against 600 to 900 kg for an equivalent quality polyester, which allows you to tow it equipped with a 50 or 60CV on a d trailer e only 750kg, not braked (forgotten seized brakes), and need a big car, no need to permit B96.

8 - economic: on boat 5 meters that weighs only 400 kg, a 50 or 60CV engine will bring you the same performance as n 90CV on a 700 kg polyester, but you will consume 30% less, and there you will cost 40% less... And if you want very strong sensations, don't worry, they are all approved until 115CV...

9 - economic: with our 100% aluminum boat, forget the gelcoat biannual maintenance, it of not, forget the osmosis, there is not, a quick cleaning with water enough to maintenance.

-10 funding: our dealers offer a very economical financing adapted to your needs.

-11 investment: in 20 years, your Morningstar will be there as the first day, a trip to the body shop for a little Hairspray, and it will be like new and resale is not negligible.

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Example of a transformation from a M498S in construction with a cubic to push if you need bow boat.
Study time: one week, production time and delivery 80 days. Photos in April...

Standard: natural aluminium, mono: white, two-tone white and black, blue, Ultramarine, sky blue, red and your choice without extra charge.

M 498S Sport Cuddy

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