Hydro Hull

The design of the fiberglass and the strength of aluminum 5083

The Morningstar boats are revolutionary because of their unique shells made of aluminium plate.

During forming, a pressure of thousands of tons of force is applied on superior quality aluminum plate forcing the material to marry uniformly designed matrices. Flat sheets are becoming very complex shapes.

This allows the creation of a Fund in one piece and incorporates reverse chines, the sheerstrakes and the deadrise variable, and the removal of an external keel. In addition, the side plates and the gunwales can now be integrated into an aerodynamic shape with a second bilge with a flared bow. Together, these formed sheets give the hull of the static and dynamic hydraulic properties really exceptional. That's why we called Hydro Hull.

The force is another important feature of the Hydro Hull. The so formed plates act as an outer shell, an exoskeleton. This 'unibody' concept may seem familiar, because it is very popular with the cars of high range, planes, automobiles and bicycles high-end sports. No longer depend only of the frame to provide structural strength, the immediate result is a complete structure stronger, lighter and more rigid. Special bending technology is also used to build the stiffeners and the transom. Folded stiffener system and back table greatly reduces welds and increases overall rigidity and durability.

Hydro Hull goes even further: a designed rigid shell means industrially robot welding is now possible. Welders robots provide perfect welding cords but are blind and cannot follow fixed paths. If the gap between the pieces is greater than 1 mm, the pieces cannot be welded by robots. High-tech plate training transforms the flexible plates in auto-rigides exoskeletons and enables the use of the Welders robots. In the end we are able to reproduce identical welds on the Hydro Hull regularly.

Using a forming process that minimizes the number of necessary parts, as for example by turning the side plate and the gunwale in one-piece seamless, we avoid the many flaws of structure and welding associated methods traditional.

In the past, hull designs complex and therefore generally more hydrodynamic were reserved for fiberglass boats, while aluminum boats were limited to simple flat and curved surfaces. This is ancient history for Hydro Hull.
Our experience in the field of metal forming, we overcame these obstacles and introduce an aluminum shell that is perfectly effective in water. The Hydro Hull hull combines the aesthetics of a design of hull fiberglass with the durability and light weight of aluminum.